WBox - HTTP testing tool http://hping.org/wbox Wbox releases feed Wbox 5 is out http://hping.org/wbox/?ver=4 2009-12-09T01:10:44.515152-07:00-05:00 Changelog: non-coding changes (notably switched to BSD) to enter Debian. Wbox 4 is out http://hping.org/wbox/?ver=4 2007-06-10T01:10:44.515152-07:00-05:00 Changelog: stats with min/avg/max times on exit, no more defunct childs, the new close option (see doc below), in server mode Index of ... no longer reveals the real filesystem path, source code cleanup and many fixes. Wbox 3 is out http://hping.org/wbox/?ver=3 2007-06-08T01:10:44.515152-07:00-05:00 Changelog: Ability to set cookies, referer, many bugs and memory leaks fixed